SCSHA Liaisons


As part of the SCSHA mission to advocate for and educate about our professions of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, we are appointing liaisons to attend meetings of statewide agencies and organizations.  The liaison needs to be a member of SCSHA as well as a member of an appropriate committee.  The liaison will be appointed by the SCSHA President, Vice President of Government Affairs, or Vice President of Clinical and Professional Affairs. Our liaisons should be prepared to serve 2 years if possible.  The individual may continue on in the position after completing the initial 2 year term as long as they remain actively involved.  The liaison for a designated agency should have experience in providing services to relevant populations.  


Requirements of the Statewide Agency Liaisons include: 

  1. Review agendas for upcoming meetings; if professional issues for SLP and Audiology are listed, attend meetings as appropriate and able. 
  2. Send a brief written report at least twice per year to the Vice President of Government Affairs, Vice President of Clinical and Professional Affairs, and SCSHA President to include: Topics addressed, Possible SCSHA Advocacy opportunities, and any requests for SCSHA actions. 
  3. Collaborate to prepare and present oral and/or written testimony at agency meetings when appropriate. 
  4. Consult with the appropriate SCSHA Board members and ASHA. 
  5. Liaisons must maintain SCSHA membership during the period of time that they act as a statewide agency liaison. 

SCSHA currently has interests in collaborating with the following organizations or agencies: 

SC Legislature
SC Department of Education
State Board of Education
SC Therapy Coalition (SCOTA, APTA-SC, and SCSHA)
SC Advisory Council for Educating Students with Disabilities
SC Education Oversight Committee (multiple subcommittees)
SC Interagency Coordinating Council
Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children
SC Babynet
SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs
SC First Steps
SC Early Childhood Advisory Council
SC Child Care Inclusion Collaborative
SC Assistive Technology Program
SC Family Connections

If any of our members would like to become a SCSHA Liaison to any of these agencies, or would like to suggest collaborating with other agencies or associations, please contact us at [email protected]