Membership Levels

Professional Members ($115) are defined as professionals who hold a graduate degree with a major emphasis in speech- language pathology, audiology or speech-language or hearing sciences, or a graduate degree and present evidence of active research, interest and performance in the field of human communication. These requirements may be waived as noted in Article III.

Associate members ($85) are defined as professionals who hold the following qualifications: any level of professional certification awarded by the South Carolina Department of Education in the area of communicative disorders, or a Bachelor's degree with major emphasis in speech-language pathology, audiology, speech science, hearing science or speech-language and hearing science. These members are eligible to serve on any standing, sub or ad hoc committee of the Association, and to participate in the business meeting of the Association. Associate members are not eligible to hold elected offices, chair committees, or vote outside the limits of their committee.

Student members ($50) are defined as those individuals who are enrolled in a degree program at the Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral level in speech-language and hearing or professionally related areas in a recognized college or university and who are interested in promoting the purposes, objectives and activities of the Association. Student members are not eligible to hold elected office, chair committees or vote outside the limits of their committee. Doctoral candidates who meet the requirements of regular membership may hold a student membership without the above restriction.

Affiliate members ($85) are defined as allied professionals or individuals interested in the areas of language, speech, swallowing and/or hearing. Affiliates receive SCSHA information through newsletters and will be encouraged to attend the annual convention. Affiliate members are not eligible to hold elected office, chair committees, vote or become life members.

Life membership ($50) may be granted to applicants who have held membership in the South Carolina Speech- Language-Hearing Association for twenty (20) consecutive years and have attained the age of sixty-five (65). This status will grant all rights and privileges awarded a member. Life membership dues shall be assessed at a reduced rate. Application forms for life membership will be available on request by the member. Requirements for election as a member may be waived in special instances by recommendations of Membership Committee and a majority of the Executive Board.